Suhṛt (सुहृत्) means well-wisher in sanksrit and etymologically traced to its use in Bhagavat Gita where Bhagavan Sri Krishna is mentioned as suhṛtaṁ sarva-bhūtānam meaning the Supreme well-wisher.

We at suhrt.in are your well-wishers and intend to provide you with well-researched, factual and relevant information in form of blogs, articles and op-eds. We are not trained journalists but young working professionals who wish to do their bit in upholding the spirit of democracy by strengthening the online social media news revolution in India.

Also, we see the mainstream media and a good number of online web news portals being Left-centric and play a critical role in opinion-making among the vast mass of English-speaking intelligentsia. We wish to do our minuscule contribution to correct this imbalance and add freshness, thought-leadership and intent to what we share with you.

Please do share your thoughts and feedback. We shall be grateful.


Ashwath K

Interested in social startups which could bring in Hindu Vedic renaissance. Founder of Hunger Free India (hungerfree.in).

Passion is to blog & read on Life, Political current affairs and Hinduism.